CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: CBAT) is a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer and electric energy solution provider. The Company’s products and solutions cover areas including:

  • Electric Vehicles/Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Light Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Storage Applications
  • Ultra-Low Temperature Applications
  • Raw Materials used in Manufacture of Lithium-ion Batteries

In 2006, CBAK Energy was listed in NASDAQ, being the first Chinese lithium-ion battery firm listed in the U.S. capital market.

The Company has two major production bases in Dalian and Nanjing for its battery business. Its Dalian facility provides an annual capacity of 1GWh, while its Nanjing facility is planned for an annual capacity of 18GWh once fully constructed and operated. The Company has a manufacturing center in Shaoxing for manufacture and sale of cathode materials and precursors for lithium-ion batteries.

The Company is relatively strong in its R&D capability with reference to cylindrical battery products and is widely viewed as one of the leading players. CBAK Energy is the first company in China to use lithium-ion phosphate in battery production and is one of a few companies that have the ability to mass produce NCM811 high-energy-density batteries.

The Company’s ultra-low-temperature batteries which normally function in the temperature range of -40~50℃ face rare domestic competitions. The products are highly applicable to military equipment, base stations, and aerospace use.

CBAK Energy’s newly developed 32140 battery provides 5 times energy capacity as its original battery type at a 20% lower cost. Model 32140 battery will be mainly brought to the LEV market. The Company is on track of its development plan of Model 46800 battery which will be widely used on passenger electric vehicles.