CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: CBAT) is a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer and electric energy solution provider. The Company’s products and solutions cover areas including:

  • Electric Vehicles/Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Light Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Storage Applications
  • Ultra-Low Temperature Applications

In 2006, CBAK Energy listed in NASDAQ: the first Chinese lithium-ion battery firm listed in the U.S. capital market. The Company has two major production bases in Dalian and Nanjing, which are also the R&D centers for the company. Its Dalian production base is expected to contribute 10GWh by the year of 2025 while its Nanjing base is designed to have a capacity of 8GWh.

CBAK Energy is partnering with the following institutions to obtain research support:

  • Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Changxing Sino-Russian New Energy and Material Technology Research Institute (‘NEMTRI’) on Development of Solid-State Batteries
  • A Leading European Hydrogen Company on Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The Company is extremely strong in its R&D capability in cylindrical battery products and is generally viewed as the leading player in this area. CBAK Energy is the first company in China to achieve the application of lithium-ion phosphate in battery production and is one of a limited number of companies that has the ability to mass produce NCM811 high-energy-density batteries.

The Company’s ultra-low-temperature batteries which could normally function in -40~50℃ have rare domestic competitions. The products are viewed as appropriate for applications in military, base stations, and aerospace area.

CBAK Energy also achieved technical breakthrough in the energy density of its cylindrical batteries. Its new 32140 batteries provide 5 times energy capacity as its 26650 batteries at a 20% lower cost.